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Principles of Static Electricity -- How to Remove Static

Westmont now offers a high density nylon anti-static brush for combination contaminant removal and static dissipation.

RoHS Compliant
Anti-Static Brushes

About Westmont Inc.

A static removal brush designer, manufacturer, and supplier, Westmont Inc. was founded in 1985 and continues to set the standard for the static removal industry.

Commitment to meeting each customer's stringent delivery requirements makes Westmont a trusted, proven supplier. Dedication to helping you, our customer, find the optimal anti static solution has made Westmont Inc. the recipient of numerous Exceptional Supplier Performance awards.

You can be assured that our in-house manufacturing capabilities allow us meet your full range of needs including production quantities from under 100 pieces to thousands per month. We employ a wide variety of manufacturing approaches to give you the highest quality at the most economical price.

You have found your best choice for static removal brushes since we work with all types of anti static fiber materials and backings. Application specialists are happy to assist you in specifying the combination that is best for your individual, customized static removal brush application. Continuing R&D efforts identify new materials and develop test methods assuring you the latest in technology and best quality.

Westmont Inc. is an ISO compliant company.

Please call or email us for help designing a system to eliminate static that is right for your application. To receive a example of a static brush or ask questions just click here. If you would like to purchase stock dimension static brushes please visit