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Principles of Static Electricity -- How to Remove Static

Westmont now offers a high density nylon anti-static brush for combination contaminant removal and static dissipation.

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Anti-Static Brushes

High Density Nylon Bristle Static Elimination Brushes Ideal for Combination Contaminant Removal and Static Dissipation.

Nylon Fiber High-Density BrushWestmont Inc.  manufacturer of anti-static brushes, offers a new higher density conductive nylon fiber static elimination brush. The high density nylon bristle brushes are ideal for applications requiring a combination of contaminant removal and static dissipation. 

Most static eliminators or anti-static brushes are designed and manufactured with a sparse density of fiber. This design works well for many static problems, but not all. Applications in which conventional static brushes are ineffective arise when the static prone material that is being swept accumulates dirt, dust or powdered product. 

Westmont’s new higher density static brush will allow one to mechanically sweep the material off the substrate, plastic etc. The conductive properties of the nylon bristles effectively eliminate static holding the dust or powder. Removing a static charge makes possible the removal of dirt by mechanical sweeping of the brush. Dust or contaminant that adheres to bristles through non-static attraction should be periodically removed from the brush by manual cleaning after accumulation.

Standard bristle length on the new line of brushes is one-half inch. Stock sizes include 12, 15, 18, 24, 36 and 48 inch lengths. Custom brushes can be manufactured with any length and any bristle length as required for specific applications.

The static elimination brushes can be used in permanent mount and temporary applications. Holes can be drilled or tapped in the metal channel holding the fibers allowing for permanent mounting to web-fed or conveyor operated lines needing static dissipation.

With proper application, these static removing brushes will solve one of the more troublesome problems in the material handling of powders or the nuisance and potential hazards of a dusty environment.

Small samples of the new conductive nylon brush may be requested online via the website, 

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