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Principles of Static Electricity -- How to Remove Static

Westmont now offers a high density nylon anti-static brush for combination contaminant removal and static dissipation.

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Anti-Static Brushes

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Presswood Pallets

Litco is a manufacturer and supplier of presswood export pallets, plastic pallets, dunnage air bags, and other related material handling and product protection / damage prevention supplies, including corner protectors, honeycomb / corrugated void fill products, corrugated pads and separator sheets and FIBC bags. The company uses cost-effective, environmentally friendly method of producing Litco Presswood Pallets, core plugs, and separator boards which are all made from recycled wood fiber. Presswood palletsare 60% lighter than competing products made from conventional hardwood. Litco International's presswood products all conform to international ISPM15 standards for worldwide export. 

Telephone installation - Cleveland, OH

Davissa provides clients with a variety of capabilities under the single umbrella of telephone service. The company has been installing, maintaining, programming and upgrading telephone equipment in and around Northeast Ohio since 1983. Complete factory, warehouse and office phone systems can be purchased through Davissa who handles not only the sale, but also the installation and programming. Ongoing support of your phone system can range from being important to absolutely critical, depending on your business. Davissa provides a combination of warranties: the manufacturer's guarantees of their hardware (typically three to five years) and ongoing service and maintenance.

Net shape zinc die castings

Creco Cast is a zinc die casting manufacturer. Based in Northeast Ohio, Creco Cast's specialty is small, precision, net shape, castings made of zinc and zinc alloys. Zinc die casting is an ideal manufacturing method for components used in the electrical, electronic, fiber optics, medical, automotive, door and cabinet hardware, medical, switch, and computer industries. A design and engineering oriented zinc die caster, Creco Cast can take your idea from concept to completion, or work with an existing part that may be currently produced using an alternative metal forming method such as stamping, forging, or screw machining. Company engineers can often suggest ways to make your current part stronger, more attractive, more dimensionally accurate, and best of all, less expensive.  

Metal Stampings

Talan Products, based in Cleveland, OH is a high speed, high volume, long run metal stamping specialist. Talan is particularly adept at stamping stainless steel and aluminum.Talan Products metal stampings, aluminum extrusions, and tube fabricatiion services are ISO 9001 certified.  The company offers contract services in mid to high volume using multi-processes to provide tube end bending and forming, piercing, flattening & notching. Talan Products also produces aluminum extrusions, utilizing high speed, high volume fabricating systems, offering secondary operations such as contract cutting, notching, and custom tapping.  

Mailing Tubes

Erdie Industries is a paper tube, paper core and cylindrical containers manufacturer. These paper tube products are used in industry as shipping and mailing tubes, tape cores, spacer tubes, thread protectors and for other packaging and protective uses. The Erdie primary line of shipping and mailing tubes uses the company's patented Twist-n-Pull plastic caps. The Twist-n-Pull is a tab-lockable, non-destructive tube end-cap allowing for reuse of both the closure cap and tube.